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Xenosaga - A Missing Year

All chapters available in English and Japanese!

This is an unofficial website to give fans the possibility to download/watch the Flash movie series "Xenosaga II - III: A Missing Year" which connects Xenosaga II to Xenosaga III. The original files were released on Namco's Japanese website for free and were removed some time after the release of Xenosaga III. Furthermore, this important part of Xenosaga was only available in Japanese. The translation project this site represents has been abandoned but all original and translated files as well as the soundtrack (MP3) will remain available for download.

You may need a file archiver like WinZip to decompress the ZIP or RAR archives. The easiest way to watch the extracted swf Macromedia/Adobe Flash files is to open them in your web browser.

Another translation project has uploaded their work on YouTube. The links have been added to the download area for easy access but please be aware that it is an independent project entirely. If you want to contact the creators then please leave a comment on YouTube.

Credits: "Verdant Studios"

Translators: Jinx (chapters 1, 2, 4) and Richard99UK (chapters 3, 5, 6)
Flash Decoders: Kait, Kaze Eternal
Audio Decoder: DaGrimOne
Project Coordinator, Producer and Encoder: Bleu VII
Distributors: keats, Princess Artemis
Special Thanks: Yazuka (Japanese raws), Zohar Project (French fan translation)

A Missing Year - Files

  unmodified version (jp) English translation all in one
Chapter I Link - Mirror ı 3.42 MB Link - Mirror ı 4.01 MB Link | 52.4 MB
Chapter II Link - Mirror ı 3.77 MB Link - Mirror ı 3.60 MB  
Chapter III Link - Mirror ı 2.38 MB    
Chapter IV Link - Mirror ı 6.47 MB    
Chapter V Link - Mirror ı 7.23 MB    
Chapter VI Link - Mirror ı 9.15 MB   Mirror Mainpage
Soundtrack Link - Mirror ı 12.4 MB   (Princess Artemis)

A Missing Year - YouTube Links

  English translation    
Chapter I Part 1 - Part 2    
Chapter II not available The videos on YouTube  
Chapter III Part 1 - Part 2 are the work of another Uploader:
Chapter IV Part 1 - Part 2 project. All credits go to SuperSlash132
Chapter V Part 1 - Part 2 the respective creators.  
Chapter VI Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3    

Legal Information

If NAMCO BANDAI, MonolithSoft, their affiliates or the translation team request the removal of this site then I will do so immediately (after verification). Please contact me via e-mail.

Furthermore I would like to thank NAMCO BANDAI and MonolithSoft for creating one of the greatest and probably most underestimated game series.